The NED University Alumni Network (NEDAN) was formed in 2004 as a network for encouraging the promotion of alumni related activities. This forum enables graduates of the former College as well as of the University to initiate their support and activities related to student welfare, academics and research. The NEDIAN activities have since been extended to focus on alumni relations and their efforts in the support of the University. Alumni interest and goodwill has been encouraged throughout, thus resulting in the development of intellectual and emotional ties between the members and their University. However, the present setup now requires to be formalized and strengthened in order to ensure the success of the activities of alumni in different parts of the world, and specifically in the Western region.

The Alumni Office working directly under the supervision of the Pro-Vice Chancellor will provide a range of benefits and services to the alumni; while also serving as a means to facilitate and enhance the interactions among the alumni. The Office intends to bring all Alumni activities under one umbrella by expanding its scope to all former students and individuals associated with the NED University/College and connecting them with the aim of ensuring and enabling the promotion of effective relationships amongst its members.

To extend the spirit of NEDAN, one additional category of Friends of Alumni has been included in the Network in addition to Alumni (only former graduates).

Membership Types & Fee Structure:

Candidates who have successfully passed any undergraduate or post graduate degree from NEDUET shall be considered an alumnus of this university. However, individuals of the affiliated institutions are not considered as the alumnus of the university. (See Friends of NEDAN.)

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Associate Members: The Registration to the NEDAN is open to all Alumni of NEDUET / College free of charge. On the completion of the registration process, the applicant will become an Associate Member of the NEDAN.

Members: The registration to the NEDAN as a 'member' is open to all registered/associate alumni. In addition, all associate members are eligible and entitled to avail the offered membership benefits against the said annual fee.

Lifetime Members: The registration to the NEDAN as a 'Lifetime Member' is open to all registered/associate alumni. Moreover, all members/associate members are eligible and entitled to avail the offered membership benefits against the said fee.

Membership Fee
    For Residents of Pakistan For Expatriate
1. Associate Member No Fee No Fee
2. Member
(To be renewed annually)
PKR 5,000 US$ 200
3. Lifetime Member PKR 20,000 US$ 300

Note: In order to facilitate the alumni, the university recommends Lifetime Membership.

Membership Benefits:

Associate Member:

Regular email updates of academic and professional opportunities
Invitation to attend and participate in Alumni activities including seminars, conferences, international alumni visits, reunions,  and other related activities
Bi-annual alumni newsletter (electronic copy)



Lifetime Member:

The biological children of the lifetime members of the NEDAN are eligible for the admissions on self-finance basis.

Friends of NEDAN:

Friends of NEDAN can enjoy and avail the same benefits as the Members of the NEDAN.  This category includes the alumni of the Institutions affiliated with the NED University, individuals who have supported the University in various positions and domains – for example non-engineering faculty members, prominent members of the civil society, philanthropists and other corporate entities. Friends of NEDAN shall be notified by the Executive Body of NEDAN.

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List of Friends

Executive Body:

Vice Chancellor Patron
Convener (One Dean to be nominated by the VC)
Controller Student Affairs Member
Director Finance Member
Registrar Member/Secretary

NEDAN Governing Body:

Convener of the Executive Body will head the NEDAN. The Governing Body shall comprise of members of NEDAN who are nominated as members of Governing Body for a period of three years with effect from:
1st January 2020.

Five Members from the Faculty of NEDUET – communicated by Registrar of the University.

One member from an NED Alumni Association having 20-50 members in the Association – communicated by the said Association's President.

One member from an NED Alumni Association having more than 50 members in the Association – communicated by the said Association's President.

Registrar of the University will be the Secretary of the Body.

This body would be empowered to accept or reject any proposal brought before it through an online voting process. Any scheme brought before the Governing Body for voting shall require acceptance from at least 60% of its total members. If the required percentage is not obtained then fresh voting would be necessary; acceptance of the proposal shall only require 50% of the casted votes.

All finance for the project would be met from amounts received in excess of Rs. 20 Million (Endowment amount) of NEDAN. For each project accepted for execution, the Governing Body will nominate an Alumnus from outside the University as an Auditor.

Financial updates from time to time will be available for viewing to all Members.

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